What is Carbonpark?

Carbonpark is an API that allows you to create your own environmental and energy management application without knowing anything about emission factors, calculation algorithms, greenhouse gases, climate change, international guidelines and all the other stuff necessary to create such an application from scratch.

We provide you with all the necessary information to transform your business data into environmental impacts and energy information in real time. We also offer you mutliple ways to store your data securely and recover it for analysis and dashboarding.
Carbonpark can be used to calculate environmental impacts for processes as well as products.


Who can use Carbonpark?

Anyone can sign up to Carbonpark! You just need some basic knowledge of web-based programming...
Here are some examples of how Carbonpark will help you:
  • You are an IT service provider and you'd like to develop an environmental management application for your customer
  • You are in charge of programming a carbon management application for your company
  • You are a retailer or a manufacturer and want to display environmental data on all of your products
  • You are running an online shop and want to provide your customers with information about the carbon impact of the transportation of their purchase
  • You want to transform business data from your IT systems into environmental information and extract specific data sets for your BI system
  • You just want to hack some code in order to offer a carbon calculator to the visitors of your corporate website

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How can I get started?

Creating your carbon and energy management application with Carbonpark is for free. You just have to sign up, get your API key and start.


Who is running Carbonpark?

Carbonpark was designed by Verteego, a leading provider of SaaS carbon and energy management solutions. Verteego's SaaS solutions are all powered by the Carbonpark engine.

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